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  • So, I watched Deadpool (Again)

    Hey, there’s no reason you’d know this, but I’ve been home sick for a few days. Flu thing going around. You know how it is.

    Anyways, during the time off, I watched Deadpool again, because it’s on Netflix, and because EVERYTHING else I’d like to watch I’m watching with my wife, which means I can’t watch it alone.

    Again, you know how it is.

    Deadpool. Honestly, I was worried that it wouldn’t be as good second time around. I mean, it was a movie dependant on crude jokes and shock factor, how good COULD it be second time right?

    Wrong. If anything, Deadpool was better on a second watching. Once the shock factor is gone, you’re left with a solid love story that I really wouldn’t have expected for a Deadpool story. It’s a film I could easily watch again and again. You want to watch it right now? I’m in.

    Now, before we go further into this, you need to understand that I had to be deathmarch dragged to see it the first time. I did not expect Deadpool to be worth watching, and honestly expected to be angry no matter how the film turned out.

    See, there’s only two ways the movie could have gone in my mind. Either they did the character right, in which place I’d hate it because I don’t care for Deadpool as a character at all. He’s the epitome¬†of everything that went wrong with comics in the nineties, but that’s a different rant.

    Alternatively, they could have changed the character, and that would anger me more. I may not like Deadpool, but I hate inaccurate comic movies even more. I mean, Deadpool in that Wolverine movie was the worst thing. The absolute worst.

    So, either I hated the movie for them doing it right, or I hated the movie for them doing it wrong.

    Instead, somehow, Deadpool was accurate to the character, and still somehow the best film I’ve seen in a while.

    All that said, I’m still not sold on a second movie. I mean, the best parts of Deadpool were not the Merc with the Mouth, but instead the story of Wade Wilson. My favorite parts of the film revolved around Wade without the mask. And yes, even later when he was Deadpool, it felt like a totally different character everytime he was sans mask.

    Wade Wilson’s back story was tragic and wonderful, and somehow a film that depended on one liners and cock jokes managed to have an amazing romance story to it.

    And I’m not sure if they’ll be able to pull that off for Deadpool 2. I mean, we’ve been promised Cable, so maybe they can get that same chemistry in a ‘bromance’ sort of way, but I’m skeptical.

    Mind you, I was skeptical about the first film, and was horribly mistaken, so I guess I’ll just wait and see.