October begins our Creative Corner! Details.

Job Background:

This is work done for a small group in the MMO: Champions Online. The leaders of the group were looking to get players back to the forums, which at the time were just collecting dust. 

I set up a writing corner on their forum page, and proceeded to word of mouth the event across the guild. It tripled the initial use of the forum, and has brought everyone back to using it for other purposes, such as event planning and conversation. The writing continues as well, and I have been able to step away from that task. 

Below is a copy of the original pitch post, which can be viewed at October Begins our Creative Corner 

Hey all!

So, beginning in October, we are going to get an open creative group going here at the forums. There’s tons to do and prep, but mostly at this point, I want to get the word out to everyone in every Silver Age Sentinels Affiliated Team out there!

The Basics:

The plan is to have monthly prompts, very general in their scope. From the prompt, everyone is invited to create! Be it flash fiction, full stories, poems, art, and full video if you gots the skills, whatever.

The only real rule is it should in some way connect to the Sentinels (or affiliates). The most likely way to do this is through a story or song or art about your own character, but it could be a story of a common nemesis, a recognized location, or (with some implied or expressed consent) a story of another member of the team!

Also, not a rule, but a suggestion. Remember that the Sentinels is all about that good ole’ silver age feel, and work accordingly. But really, the sky’s the limit!

Why you should get involved:

You should get involved for the kicks, for a penny, for your mother. Whichever really. This isn’t a contest, it’s just fun and recognition. And I’ll be honest, you should get involved because I personally think you have a story in you. We all joined one of these awesome teams because we wanted story and song. We are all RPers here, and even if you don’t have confidence in your skills, you are a story teller. Tell your story. Draw your portrait. Recite your poem.

Plus? Stories told about our characters make us more recognizable to each other. No more having to re-introduce, or at least not as much. We can really build a continued tale, maybe even combine stories or carry the ideas into RP.

And remember, we’re all friends here. I mean, we’re all at least confidants. No one’s going to tear your work apart, or criticize or bully. We’re going to tell you what we love about it!

This October’s Theme:

October’s theme is Tales From the Sentinels Crypts. It’s when the ghosts and ghouls mingle with the trick or treaters in the streets, when the dead come back to shamble in the roads, when the Quiph leaks yet again into our fine city.

Tell us your story with your favorite medium of a haunted Millenium City. What scare is your character dealing with? What is your most terrifying nemesis up to? How are you to deal with these haunted streets while still trying to get your costume together in time for the party?

The October: Tales from the Sentinels Crypts Creative Corner thread will be created on October 1st, and be open to submissions throughout the month!

And Finally:

We are open to suggestions on how to make this a continual awesome reason to come to the forums! We will post the next theme of each month somewhere around the mid point of the month before, like we’ve done here for the October Theme. At this point though, any suggestions are open. Feel free to comment on this thread towards new themes, or ideas towards organization, or…well anything really.

Don’t post your new stories here though. Again, there will be a new thread in October for the collection of this first run. I’m super excited, and I hope you all are too!

Feel free to spread the word! Lets get everyone in on this, and really get those stories flowing!